Upload a list of addresses and this application will return Google Streets images for each of the addresses, allowing you to easily browse through a “gallery” of images for every address on your list!

This application is presented for you, courtesy of, in support of services to real estate investors, including a Post Office based Vacant Houses List, where the mail carriers are your boots on the ground, as they catalog vacant properties nationwide!
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Enter your email address below, and upload your list (500 record limit) in this following format:
  • A CSV (comma delimited) file with 3 or 4 columns
  • Column A: Address (required)
  • Column B: City (required)
  • Column C: State (required)
  • Column D: Zip Code (optional)
  • The first line of your CSV file should contain a header row:
  • Column A header: “Address “
  • Column B header: “City”
  • Column C header: “State”
  • Column D header: “Zip Code”

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Your list of addresses should look like this…
Address, City, State, Zip Code
4926 S Blackstone, Chicago, Illinois, 60615
432 S. Main, Baxley, Georgia
122 Callan, Evanston, Illinois

Click upload to upload you list and begin processing.
As this program processes your list, it will attempt to extract the most recent “Streets” image from Google Maps. When it finds these images, the application will collectively save each image with a filename the matches the address of each of the images extracted.
Using the example above the application will prepare the following images for download…
"4926 S Blackstone Ave,Chicago,Illinois.jpg"
"432 S. Main,Baxley,Georgia.jpg"
"122 Callen,Evanston,Illinois.jpg"
You’ll be able to download all of the images via a download link (to the file), that will be emailed to you.

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