Services-Post Office Vacant Properties


Do you have a list… a foreclosure list, a probate list, a tax list… any type of list… and you want to know if any addresses (that you already have) on your list are vacant?  Here’s an affordable way to accomplish this task.  The U. S. Post office maintains a database of addresses that, according to the Post Office, are flagged as vacant.  You can upload the Address, City and State (of each record) from your list and scrub your list (compare your addresses, to the addresses in the Post Office Vacant database)… and for every address that matches the address on your list, the address will be flagged (with a column added to your list) to indicate “Y” or “N”, whether or not the property is vacant, according to the Postal Service.  A flag will also be added to determine is the Post Office has the address defined as a residential property (if the “Residential” is marked “Y” and commercial or business if “Residential” is marked “N”)  As an investor, this allows you to prioritize the “vacant” addresses.  For a limited time only, this service is on sale: $29.99 for up to 10,000 addresses and an additional $1.00 per each 1000 addresses, over 10,000.  Click this link to upload your CSV file (that includes address, city, and State):


POST OFFICE VACANT PROPERTY LIST – This a list of Post Office Vacant Addresses from a rare source… a United States Postal Service database… not available to the general public. This list is derived from the U.S. Mail Carriers nationwide, and is updated regularly.  Search and order this list for immediate downloading!   This is the “standard” list, you’ll receive the link to a CSV text file and an Excel (xlsx) file.  The file will contain the following 10 fields: AddrNmbr, Street, Address, Unit, City, State, Zip4, Zipcode, County and Residential Indicator.
PREMIUM LIST INCLUDES THE PROPERTY DATA DETAIL REPORT*! – Order this “Premium List” that includes the “standard list” data and the Property Data Detail Report*.  This report identifies all of the pertinent details (when available), for each property on the list (see details below).  With the Property Data Detail Report*, you’ll have a list that’s totally “prospecting ready“!!!



*Property Data Detail Report: These are the fields that will be included in the Property Data Detail Report: Property characteristics (when available ) including owner’s name; owner’s mailing address, figures for taxes, mortgage, square footage, estimated value, # of rooms, year built, parcel/APN #, lot dimensions, etc., owner’s phone number(s), and owner’s email address(es).  All orders are typically completed within 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri), depending on the size of your list, as research for the Property Data Detail Report,  is a manual process.  Orders do not process on the weekends and holidays, and will fully resume processing the following business day.