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Searches can be done by county, city or zip code. Each search will return a total record count from the database, based on your search criteria. Feel free to try searching by various criteria to return the number of Vacant Address records that you desire. There is an option to exclude records that in the database with a populated “Unit” field. This could indicate that the address pertains to a condo, townhouse, duplex, etc. To place an order for any given number of total records returned, click the "Add to Cart" button. The quantity pricing is based on combined totals on a single cart item. Payment is handled through PayPal, and a receipt with a download link will be IMMEDIATELY emailed to you seconds after ordering. The link to a CSV text file and Excel (xlsx) file will contain the following 10 fields: AddrNmbr, Street, Address, Unit, City, State, Zip4, Zipcode, County and Residential Indicator. All orders are typically completed within 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri), depending on the size of your list, as research for the optional Property Data Detail Report (if ordered), is a manual process. Orders do not process on the weekends and holidays, and will fully resume processing the following business day.


*20-75 – $9.99 (minimum)
500* - $23.77
1,000 - $39.99*
2,000 - $49.99*
3,000 - $59.99*
4,000 - $69.99*
5,000 - $79.99*
7,000 - $99.99*
*Pricing will vary based on the exact quantity ordered (these quantities are listed as an example).

Before ordering, please read our

"Property Data Detail Report

20 or more – $1.00 each
30 or more – 75¢ each
50 or more – 50¢ each
75 or more – 40¢ each
100 or more – 32¢ each
250 or more – 24¢ each
500 or more – 20¢ each
1,000 or more – 19¢ each
2,000 or more – 18¢ each
3,000 or more – 17¢ each

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$39.99(less than 20,000)