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iBuyAny,com. LLC is not affiliated with the United States Post Office or any other government entity and we do not have access to any type of unauthorized insider information to their database. The U. S. Post Office updates their vacant address database every 60 days, and we update the data on our website approximately 10 days thereafter. The integrity of the vacant addresses reported by the Post Office is TOTALLY beyond our control, and thus we cannot guarantee their information. We can 100% guarantee that every address in our database was indeed sourced from the official U. S. Postal Service’s vacant address database feed that we received from the Post Office on their most recent 2 month periodic update. If there are any discrepancies, in terms of the current occupancy status of any of the addresses on our list,, LLC cannot be held liable, as we are not responsible for the Post Office and their data integrity. If there is any particular address that has not been added or removed from the Postal Service’s database, responsibility for the same lies with the Post Office and not with, LLC.

We do NOT offer refunds under ANY circumstances on all of our services. We also do not offer prorates, nor do we issue refunds for bad, invalid or outdated data, including vacancy status and phone numbers. This simple refund policy enables us to provide our customers with excellent data at competitive prices.

Thank you in advance, for your understanding of any discrepancy matters resulting from our service sources that are totally beyond our control.