About Us

I am a Chicago native, born and raised in Hyde Park. I currently reside in Schaumburg, IL.  I graduated from Kenwood High School, class of ’75.  My grammar school, Shoesmith, is President Obama’s polling place.  I am married and have 3 grown daughters, 25-32, and three granddaughters, 0, 7 & 12. 

I was a vegan for over 40 years (1 year as a raw foodist).  I am now a devoted pescatarian.  My hobbies include computers , 70’s music, reading (motivational and self help books), walking, and great movies, 90%+ Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. 

I started investing in real estate as a wholesaler, before this terminology existed.  I learned about this method of investing from a 90 minute seminar taught by Gary Furnstenfeld in 1988.  After a few of sessions, I was facilitating the completion of contracts with an option for assignment… thus assigning contracts for a fee.

Back in 1989, I was collecting foreclosure data from the mandatory public notices that are still (today) being published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  Working as a COBOL programmer at the time, I began compiling this foreclosure data on the computer and thought… wow this is very valuable data, perhaps other investors could benefit from this information as well.  As a result I launched my company KaNia Enterprises, in 1989 (named after my two oldest daughters).  My first service offering was a foreclosure list for Chicago and the surrounding counties.  At that time my passion for computer programming seemed to be getting in the way of my real estate wholesaling pursuits.  In 2011, I decided to refocus my attention on real estate and started with obtaining my real estate license.  As a real estate broker, I begin with a more traditional real estate sales practice; “listing and selling”.


Wanting to get back into wholesaling, I then started my LLC, iBuyAny.com.  I started collecting data locally for foreclosures, tax delinquencies, probate, abandoned property and wondered… what about vacancies?  

I was always attracted to the practice of driving for dollars but asked myself:  “In this day in age of technology, isn’t there a better way to obtain the same information that I was getting while driving for dollars, but in a more efficient way?” I then asked: “Where can I buy such a list”?  Then I searched for solutions and found that the only services that were available, provided data for a monthly fee.  I did not like the options that were out there. Everyone wanted a subscription for $100 a month.  I was not ready to commit to $100 every month.  Using my I.T. background and after a year of extensive research and investment, I developed a way to get the information I needed.

The light bulb went on again:  “this is very valuable data, perhaps other investors could benefit from this information as well”.  That brings me to the present and my launch of VacantAddresses.com, this year (2019), where I am now providing that service… that I myself went looking for, to assist in my “wholesaling” real estate practice.

Andre Bowdry