Find your next vacant property in minutes, without driving all over town.

Want to get a list of vacant houses without wasting time & money driving for dollars?
With a nationwide list of Post Office Vacant Addresses from a rare, non-public database, you can download these addresses for your area, nationwide, instantly.


The regular Post Office Vacant List includes address, city zip code and county.  You may order the list with an optional “Property Detail Data Report”, for all addresses, giving you a Premium Post Office Vacant List, which will include the property characteristics (square footage, taxes, mortgages, #rooms, exterior type, etc.), owner’s name, mailing address, phone(s), and email address(es).

Want to know what’s vacant on any list that you’ve obtained elsewhere?

You can upload a list to scrub your records on the vacancy database,

and you’ll know which ones are vacant (according to the U.S.P.S).

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